Prepare songs

  • Songs folder: data/songs/.
  • Tutorials folder: data/tutorials/.
Some tutorials are already included:
  • Drum Rolls Practice, by Bluedude426
  • Drum Test Song, by Heka
  • FoF tutorial, by Jurgen bot
Some songs are already included:
  • Bang Bang, Mystery Man, by Mary Jo feat. Tommi Inkila
  • Defy The Machine, by Tommi Inkila
  • This Week I’ve Been Mostly Playing Guitar, by Tommi Inkila

To find other songs, go to the wiki forum or frets them.

Prepare themes

Themes folder: data/themes.

Some themes are already included:
  • MegaLight (default)
  • MegaLight GH3
  • MegaLight V4
  • Uberlight

To find other themes, go to the forum or create them.

Start the game

To start the game, run the following commmand:

python FoFiX.py
This will create a fofix folder with some configurations and logs:
  • in Windows: %AppData%\fofix
  • in GNU/Linux: ~/.fofix
  • in Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences.

Then, you can choose a mode and fret!