From a package

Here is a list of some packages available for Unix distributions.

Packaging status

From sources

  • Get the latest release or sources

  • install dependencies:
    • OS specific dependencies:
    • Python dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
    • optional dependencies:
      • pyopengl-accelerate: this will make PyOpenGL go a good bit faster
      • pyaudio: this provides support for microphone input, which is required for vocal play
      • gettext: for translations
  • compile native modules:

    python build_ext --inplace --force


Only 32 bit Python is supported

Install the following dependencies:


Install the following dependencies:
  • a C++ compiler
  • Python 2.7
  • OpenGL
  • ffmpeg
  • pkg-config
  • python’s developpment headers
  • and: GLU, GLib, SDL, SDL_mixer, libogg, libvorbisfile, libtheora, libsoundtouch, libswscale (part of ffmpeg) development headers.