Release notes

4.0.0 (unreleased)


  • alpha1: 2010-11-27
  • alpha2: 2011-09-30


  • Will break compatibility with FoFiX v3
  • Themes:
    • added possibility to customize hitflames (location, rotation, whether or not black is auto removed from the images)
    • added possibility to customize the POV
    • added possibility to customize the fps display location
    • added possibility to customize the pause menu text style
    • added support for a neck which shows when the multiplier reaches “4x”
    • added support for solo sidebars
    • added theme settings for control over how the color of tails and flames behave with sp/od
    • implemented a separate hitflames animation image for when starpower/overdrive is active
    • made all notes be able to be animated
    • made almost all images optional (see the Uberlight theme)
    • moved tons of images to folders
    • removed editor.png from themes as its no longer of any use
    • renamed backgrounds folder to stages
    • render the main menu to plain text by default if main_text.png is not detected
    • rockmeter: added a new layer grouping system
    • rockmeter: added a new layer: circle layer (very handy for star fillup)
    • rockmeter: added new effects: scale, fade, animate
    • rockmeter: fixed some sliding effect issues
    • rockmeter: improved speed
    • MLv4: new theme
    • ML GH3: recreated the rockmeter with rockmeter.ini
    • Uberlight: cleaned up to be the absolute minimum allowed by the engin.
  • Game:
    • cleaned up the code to simplify it
    • made the solo neck scroll in to the very end of the neck instead of stopping at the frets
    • simplified hitflames: any supported hitflame image can now be rendered at the same time
  • Other:
    • changed default frame limit to 60 FPS
    • fixed a rotation bug in image rendering
    • fixed menu text, optionsPanel, and BRE/Solo frame scaling issues
    • implemented song specific loading screen images
    • shared more code between the guitar and drums
    • added CMGL as a faster OpenGL binding
    • added the pypitch module
    • rename the option uploadurl_w67_starpower to uploadurl in fofix.ini

3.121 (2009-12-06)

Python version: > 2.6

  • Increased performance
  • A more precise and helpful error logging system
  • Planning to cut support for Python 2.4 soon

3.120 (2009-09-22)


  • beta1: 2009-04-19
  • beta2: 2009-06-28
  • rc1: 2009-08-27

Over 170 issues were resolved by this latest version!

  • Customizable AI difficulty
  • Changed the hit window setting: in the “Mods, Cheats, and AI” section of the Settings menu, check your “Note Hit Window”. Most players will want “Normal”
  • Simplified 3D rendering
  • Added 3 and 4-player modes
  • Added detailed options menu text
  • Added “Vocals” difficulty
  • Added Jurgen vocals
  • Added player profiles
  • Added controller profiles
  • Added support for GH:WT xbox360 guitar solo frets
  • Added more themeable settings
  • Fixed Neck rendering
  • Fixed RB Co-Op saving
  • Fixed high scores
  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed setlist sorting
  • Fixed issues related to Animated Hitflames
  • Fixed issues related to Big Rock Endings
  • Fixed issues related to Cache
  • Fixed issues related to Drums
  • Fixed issues related to Pratice Mode
  • Fixed issues related to Rendering
  • Fixed issues appearing when pausing then unpausing the game
  • Fixed Scoring issues: note hits, note streaks and accuracy
  • Fixed various game crash or freeze (BRE, neck selection, overdrive, etc.)
  • Fixed face-off battle note streaks
  • Fixed MacOS X paths for configuration files and logs
  • Added experimental shaders support: requires a videocard implementing OpenGL >= 2.0 and pyopengl 3.x
  • PyOpenGL 2.0.1.x does not support shaders. Shaders support was introduced in 2.0.2.x. Thus, to get shaders under GNU/Linux, you’ll have to use the python2.5 build

3.100 (2009-02-21)


  • beta1: 2009-01-12
  • beta2: 2009-01-18
  • beta3: 2009-01-25
  • beta4: 2009-02-07
  • rc1: 2009-02-08


  • Guitar picks will now repeat for menu and songlist scrolling
  • Lyrics will no longer show during the song countdown
  • No more double-and-triple song loading cycles
  • Very basic Big Rock Ending support
  • Drum Fills
  • MIDI instrument input support
  • Whammy pitch-bending support
  • Basic 3D note.dae texturing support
  • Songlist metadeta caching
  • New tutorial song : a drum roll practice tutorial created by venom426.

3.030 (2008-11-19)


  • beta2: 2008-11-14
  • beta1: 2008-11-07


  • Fixed issue 165
  • The View thread timing: should result in major smoothness and stability improvements as well as mostly fixing[?] the double-loading screen issue)
  • Removed the pyAmanith dependency
  • Lighter the full package

3.025 (2008-10-30)

3.021 (2008-10-25)

Songlist Optimization

3.020 (2008-10-24)

  • Fixed game freeze / hang caused by “Accuracy Words Pos” = “Center”
  • Used rubjonny’s FoF icon instead of the old style icon
  • Fixed issue: where the song time countdown, once it reaches zero, starts counting back from 60 while the music track finishes (if it finishes after the midi, as a lot of songs do)
  • Fixed issue: strumming a HOPO before pulling off to another doesn’t work correctly
  • Added evilynux’s patch that greatly reduces CPU usage in menus and in game
  • Added basic score uploading feedback - the game will now tell you if the upload succeeded or failed
  • Added logic to display resulting rank for your uploaded top score in the world chart:
  • Fixed HOPO markings on notes extremely close together, examples are found all over the Hell Freezes Over version of Hotel California
  • Replaced all GuitarScene realtime string concatenation (slow) with % formatting (fast) – only during gameplay (initialization concatenation is still present)
  • Rewrote both Guitar and Drum starpower marking logic to occur only at initialization, not every time through the renderNotes() functions
  • Rewrote starpower marking logic to only mark the actual last note as the starpower “final” instead of the entire last chord (this fixes the double drum starpower rewards)
  • Prevented HOPO debug text from being rendered for drum players - Added optional support for theme-based failsound.ogg from worldrave’s GH3 back and failed sounds - Added optional support for random choice between theme-based back1.ogg and back2.ogg instead of just out.ogg
  • Wrote logic to stagger-mix crowd cheering sound files in a loop to create an endless cheering effect for the GameResults screen (a la GH2) if crowdcheers.ogg exists in the current theme - New setting under “Audio Options” -> “Results Cheer Loop” (default On) - will mix and endless loop of cheers during game results scoring - New setting under “Audio Options” -> “Cheer Loop Delay” (default 550) - this is the adjustable delay between mixing of a fresh crowd cheer into the loop (careful!)
  • Ensured that if crowdcheers.ogg is not found, that starpower.ogg is not mixed twice whenever activating starpower
  • Added slashy666’s updated pause.png and editor.png to Rock Band 1 theme
  • Added logic to catch a crash/hang when the game attempts to improperly delete a texture

3.017 (2008-10-17)

Fail Detection Fix

  • Rewrote fail detection logic in function to not be hardcoded for 2 players, to be compatible with future expansion

3.016 (2008-10-16)


  • alpha: 2008-10-16

Notes: Logging & Debugging Enhancements

  • Enhanced “error” logfile entries to produce a helpful trace output like that created when running from sources and using an immediate / debug window (no code shown, just classes / functions / line numbers)
  • fretsonfire.log file will now be created in the game folder you are running from (will appear in the same place fretsonfire.ini is created)
  • Recompiled and FretsOnFire.exe from sources
  • Updated GameEngine.versionstring to the correct value

3.015 (2008-10-15)

  • Fixed pause layering during song countdown
  • Ensured the accuracy indicator from the last note hit is not still displayed after a restart
  • Ensured that just letting an entire guitar solo go by without attempting to hit any notes does not result in a 100% perfect solo
  • Moved spinning star rotation angle calculation / update from Guitar render() function to run() function
  • Added logic to catch when a drum chord (which counts individual notes for streak) skips a “note streak” threshold (like, from 99 to 101) and display the appropriate streak notification
  • Added logic to flash the overdrive strings just before You Rock for Rock Band based themes